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The web application eBadatelna is designed to be used for remote access to digitized registers and other archival records kept by the State Regional Archives in Prague (SRA Prague).

In the section REGISTERS RECORDS, researchers may find a complete digitized collection of registers of the Central Bohemia region. The registers may be searched according to the register titles (name of a parish and inventory number), according to localities or provenance (seat of a parish), and type of provenance (church or district office). If you can´t find the register you need, it means it´s not kept by SRA Prague.

Under the Records Act, the archives store registers after 100 years from the last entry in a register of births and after 75 years from the last entry in a register of marriages/deaths (regardless the first record). The registers that have not reached the specified time limit are kept by relevant record offices. The list of such registers until 1949 kept by the register offices of the Central Bohemia region may be found in the section DOCUMENTS. The list of all register offices with contact details is at your disposal here. If there is an earlier transfer of a register into the archives, e.g. because of poor physical condition, the remote access is not permitted for unexpired records. The list of such registers may be found in the section DOCUMENTS as well. In accordance with current legislation, this restriction does not apply to death records.

In the section ARCHIVAL RECORDS, researchers may find digitized copies of other archival records kept by the SRA Prague and which may be searched according to various criteria, or possibly combine the criteria (storage location, archival type, localities, archival fund, full-text search in names of archival records). Due to protection of personal data, digitized copies of certain contemporary archival records may not be remote accessible.

The registers and other archival records from other regions of the Czech Republic are kept by other archives and may be remote accessed on different websites, such as:

Capital city of Prague
South Bohemia
West Bohemia
North Bohemia
East Bohemia
South Moravia
North Moravia and Silesia
Jewish registers (the whole Czech Republic)
Military registers (the whole Czech Republic)

Your questions and comments related to the website, kindly send to the e-mail address ebadatelna at-sign soapraha.cz. The discussion forum is provided for the users of eBadatelna.

In case of interest in studying non-digitized archival records kept by the SRA Prague, kindly write to the e-mail address of the study room, studovna at-sign soapraha.cz.

The plan of digitization is updated on regular basis and it is at your disposal in the section DOCUMENTS.

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